Changing Your Hydration Habits

It can be so easy to neglect hydrating throughout the day. We’re all busy, operating in an increasingly busy world. Throughout the day, we have to balance work, fun, and responsibilities. We’re distracted by these tasks and activities that pull on us. And as our duties pile up, we’re likely to neglect hydrating properly. Here are a few obstacles that may be holding you back from a healthful lifestyle, and a few tips to aid you in overcoming those obstacles and staying hydrated as you navigate through your day to day rigmarole:

Consumed By Technology

Get hydrated with our water intake bottle every day!In a world ruled by technology – a world consumed by smartphones, laptops, and wifi – we’re constantly ‘plugged in.’ For most, it’s habitual, addicting even. Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it can overwhelm us by devouring our free time. To ensure that you’re getting enough water throughout the day, it may be best to dissuade yourself from logging in, plugging in, or falling victim to the tech monster.

Instead, monitor your daily water intake with Hydr-8 water bottles. And try to utilize your Hydr-8 water bottle in conjunction with your smartphone or laptop. Try setting a timer to aid you in keeping track of your hydration schedule. Keep a recurring alarm going every two hours throughout your waking day, and make sure that you’re consuming the proper volume of water.

Flooded At Work

Work is demanding. As we head to the old nine-to-five for the day, it can be so easy to fall into habit and forget about health. We consume unhealthy snacks throughout the day, we down sodas and energy drinks, and we neglect our water intake. It’s an easy cycle to fall into.

Don’t let work dehydrate you. Instead, leave reminders for yourself throughout the day. If feasible, set alarms for yourself as I’ve already mentioned. If you work a desk job, set up four sticky notes or four dominos if you’d like. Take a sticky note down, or knock down a domino for each two hour increment that you hit on your Hydr-8 daily water intake bottle. Your body will thank you!

Overwhelmed With Tasks

Are you constantly on the go? With kids, chores, and errands, it can be difficult to remember to hydrate. Remember to get your daily water intake by taking your Hydr-8 bottle with you wherever you go. The car-ready Hydr-8 water bottles are ideal for any out-and-about tasks and errands you’ve got to tackle throughout the day. Again, consider setting an alarm, and simply try to make hydrating a good habit.

Hydrate with our daily water intake bottle.Exercise

When we exercise, we need more hydration than normal. Water fuels our lives. If you’re an athlete, or if you’re simply hitting the gym, you’ll need to consume more water than usual. Remember to hydrate before, during, and after a workout. Consider adding lots of ice to your Hydr-8 water bottle before any exercise. Ice cold water is more satisfying when you’re exerting yourself, and it burns more calories! So get out there, get active, and Hydr-8! Hydr-8 is an excellent tool to aid in getting your daily water intake.