Health Tips Part I

exercise and daily water intakeAs your daily intake water bottle provider, Hydr-8 is obsessed with your health! We’re here to make sure that you’re properly hydrated so that your body is operating at its best. That means an optimum weight, increased energy, and whole-body health. Now, proper hydration is only the first step in fortifying your health. You’ll also want to eat right, exercise, and focus on your mental health. So in lieu of our blogs that surround our daily intake water bottles, we’re going to spend the next few blogs focusing on other aspects of your health! Today, we’ll be talking about exercise.

Exercising for Your Health

According to the Mayo Clinic, an adult should get “at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity.” You can also switch between modern and vigorous aerobic activity as you deem fit. However, the Mayo Clinic urges that you “spread out this exercise during the course of a week.”

In addition to aerobic activity, it’s important to get strength training. The Mayo Clinic recommends strength training “at least twice a week.”

Now, these are considered base numbers. You can achieve greater levels of health (including better muscle tone, a healthier weight, and improved energy) with heightened levels of exercise. If you’re looking to lower your weight, for instance, you may benefit from hiking your weekly workout efforts from 150 minutes per week to a full 300 minutes.

In conjunction with healthy eating, good mental health, and proper hydration, regular exercise can give you optimum health. Here’s to your health!