*NEW* 32oz Purple Travel Bottle

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Love our Hydr-8 water bottles but need something that will fit in your car cup-holder?  Our 32 ounce travel water tracking bottle is just right for you!  **NOW Improved with no handle (to better fit in treadmill or deep cup holders), and awesome swivel lid so you can drink through the straw or the spout!

To use your travel water bottle with preprinted tracking times, simply fill your water bottle to the top each morning. Drink enough water to meet each time mark as the day progresses. Aim to drink enough water to meet the next time increment measurement on the side of your water bottle. By 2:00pm you will fill up your Hydr-8 water bottle a second time. Keep hitting your time goals and you will get your 8 glasses every day!

Our new purple travel Hydr-8 Bottles are perfect for those who want to drink enough water but are always on the go!  With the handle removed, the water bottles fit perfectly in car cup holders, treadmill or exercise equipment cup holders, or in the side pocket of your backpack or bag.  They are our most portable option ever!  Start today.  Drink to your health!

***All of our Hydr-8 Water Bottles are BPA free!***