PINK Hydr-8 Sports Bottle 1000mL

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Change your habits.  Change your health.  Change the world!

A portion of every Sports Bottle sold by Hydr-8 Water Bottles goes to making our world better! Our donations go to support charitable causes such as: Cancer research, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, and many other causes and people in need.

To use your Hydr-8 Sports Bottle, simply fill your water bottle to the 32oz line each morning. Drink enough water by each time mark that your water level is at the corresponding line for that time indicated on the bottle. By 2:00pm, you will fill up your bottle a second time. Keep hitting your time goals and you will get your 8 cups every day! Let’s make a difference! Change begins with you.

***All of our Hydr-8 Water Bottles are BPA free!***