Hydration Tracking Water Bottle – 32oz Insulated Hydr-8 – Teal

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32 ounce Air-Insulated Teal


Our 32 ounce teal daily intake water bottle is where it all started. This air-insulated water bottle now combines the best of both our customizable and our pre-marked bottles! On one side, the bottle is marked with time slots from 8am – 10pm jut like our original water bottles. On the other side, you have blank time slots so you can customize the times to fit your day. Why choose between the two? Have it all! Drink to your health.

To use the side of your bottle with preprinted times, simply fill your water bottle to the top measured line each morning. Drink enough water to meet each time mark as the day progresses. Aim to drink enough water to meet the next time increment measurement on the side of your water bottle. By 2:00 PM you will fill up your bottle a second time. Keep hitting your time goals and you will get your 8 glasses – or 64 ounces – every day!

The custom side (blank hours) of your water bottle allows you to choose what times fit your day best and write them on your bottle with a permanent marker.  You can start early or late.  If you mark every two hours, you will finish 64 ounces of water in 14 hours.

***All of our Hydr-8 Water Bottles are BPA free!***