“The GALLON” Hydr-8 32oz Time Marked Water Bottle

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  • 32 ounce, clear, air-insulated water bottle.
  • Bottle is marked with 4 columns of time/volume tracking measurements.
  • Includes straw.


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The NEW Gallon Time Marked Water Bottle
The Hydr-8 GALLON is a 32 ounce, air-insulated daily intake water bottle marked with short term time goals to help you track your progress and reach your water intake goal of 1 GALLON of water every day.  A gallon a day seems like a lot, but a cup every hour?  Not so bad!
The GALLON has 4 columns of time goals.  The time slots are marked with a goal of 8 ounces every hour from 7am – 10pm.  To start, simply fill your water bottle to the top measurement each morning. Drink enough water to meet each time mark as the day progresses. Aim to drink enough water to meet the next time increment measurement on the side of your water bottle. Fill your bottle each time you drain it and keep hitting your time goals and you will get your 128 ounces every day!
***All of our Hydr-8 Water Bottles are BPA free!***