Summer Hydration is Important!

hy3 Summer is in full swing, and hydration couldn’t be more important. As the heat kicks up and the air conditioners kick on for the first time this year, your body will be pumping out more sweat. And of course, that means that you’ll need to fuel your body with more water. Be extra cautious and hydrate more than you otherwise would, especially when the temperature goes over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and/or when you’re exercising. Be mindful of all of the following early signs of dehydration:


First and foremost, your body should tell you that it’s thirsty. If you feel thirsty, it’s time to hydrate. Try to avoid becoming thirsty by tracking your daily intake of water – the Hydr-8 daily intake water bottle is ideal for maintaining sufficient water levels in your body.

Dry Mouth or Cotton Mouth

If your glands are struggling to produce saliva, it’s likely that your body lacks sufficient water to keep up with the demand for saliva in your mouth.

Flaky Skin

If your skin is dry, it’s likely that you aren’t consuming enough water throughout the day. Insufficient water in the body will deplete the water in your skin cells. Dry skin can be even more prevalent when exposed to the sun.

hy2Trouble Staying Awake

If you find that you’re nodding off, dehydration may be the culprit. This can be especially dangerous if you’re operating a vehicle.


In a similar fashion, you may be prone to feel lightheaded or dizzy if your body lacks sufficient water. Hydrate at the first sign of feeling woozy.


Cramping muscles indicate dehydration. If you have cramping muscles (which are especially prevalent during exercise), a lack of water may be to blame. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough magnesium and calcium in your diet, since your muscles may cramp if they’re deficient.

Darker Urine

Your urine should be clear or slightly yellow. If your urine is a darker color or if it’s not transparent, you should drink water. Drink plenty of water until your urine returns to a clear or slightly yellow color. Darker urine also signifies that your kidneys aren’t getting enough water to flush out toxins and waste, and that can cause major health problems, including kidney stones and kidney failure.

In all these instances, it’s likely that sweat is causing dehydration. If you’re out in the summer heat, or if you’re exercising, you’ll probably work up a sweat. And anytime you’re sweating you’ll need to replenish those lost fluids to keep healthy.

Here’s where the Hydr-8 daily water intake bottle comes in handy. Our water bottle has water measurements so that you can easily track your daily hydration. Set hour-by-hour goals so that you ensure that your body has sufficient hydration throughout the scorching summer months. You’ll find that you’re less prone to suffer from the aforementioned signs of dehydration, and you may note a major boost in your health! Drink to your health this summer with the daily water intake bottle from Hydr-8! Check out our water bottle products here!