How Water Aids The Body

water2 We all know that water is essential to sustain the body. It’s necessary to produce every cell in the body. It keeps our muscles flexing. It keeps our blood pumping. It makes vision possible. It’s no secret that water keeps us alive. Neglecting to hydrate can cause body systems to fail. Let’s dig into some of the processes that are dependant on water:

Our Mucous Membranes

Our mucous membranes rely on water for a vast variety of functions. Water lets us salivate. Alone, saliva serves a multitude of purposes: Saliva aids in beginning the digestive process. It cools the mouth. It keeps teeth clean and it builds enamel. Beyond that, water maintains the health of alveoli in our lungs. It’s water that keeps our mucous membranes saturated and operational.


Sweat is made mostly of water. Sweat keeps us cool when the sun is shining. And it keeps us from overheating when exercising. In addition, sweat keeps our skin healthy, and it has protective properties. Without sweat, our skin can dry out and weaken. We’re more likely to get wrinkles

Cleansing the Body of Toxinswater4

With pollutants in the air, pesticides in foods, and the occasional alcoholic beverage, our bodies are tasked with keeping toxins out. Cleansing the body is impossible without the power of water. Our livers, and kidneys rely on water to filter out various components that may otherwise harm our bodies.

water3Delivering Nutrients

Our cells rely on water to get the nutrients they need to thrive. Through osmosis, blood cells (which rely on water), carry nutrients that have been processed by the digestive tract. Blood travels through capillaries to visit nearly every part of the body. Cells take up nutrients, and blood cycles back through the body.

Moving joints

Joints should move fluidly, and they rely on the fluid that water provides. Between joints lies a liquid lubricant that’s largely water-based. This fluid is essential to keep the body moving smoothly.


Water is crucial for digestion. As we mentioned, water is a major part of saliva, and saliva starts digestion by slowly dissolving foods. The stomach also contains water, and water is necessary to produce acid that further dissolves food.

In short, when you drink water, you’re doing your body a service. You’re improving your health, your immunity, your resilience, and your longevity. Here at Hydr-8, we like that. We’re all about your health and your hydration. That’s why we’re ecstatic to provide our intake tracking water bottle. We hope that it aids you in drinking enough water to keep your body satisfied.