What is Extreme Dehydration?

Here at Hydr-8, we’re all about your health, and we’re all about hydration. That’s why we provide our water tracking bottle, the Hydr-8 Water Bottle. It’s also why we’ve started our blog feed surrounding health and all things hydration. In our last blog, we’d discussed the importance of hydration especially during the summer months and during exercise. It’s crucial to the health of your body, your organs, and on down to individual cells throughout your body. Without sufficient levels of water, your body is liable to falter. We’d noted some of the early symptoms of dehydration, since they serve as a warning sign that your body needs water. We mentioned that thirst, dry mouth (or cotton mouth), flaky skin, difficulty staying awake, wooziness, cramping, and unclear urine are all initial signs of dehydration.

But what happens when the body is severely dehydrated? It’s a problem to be avoided, but knowing the signs and symptoms of severe dehydration may keep you healthy, and it might just help you save a life. Here are the symptoms of severe dehydration, according to WebMD:

Loss of Consciousnesshy4

Severe dehydration can cause a person to pass out. If you notice that someone has fainted, call 911 right away to get help.

Confusion or Lack of Focus

Alongside passing out, confusion and a lack of focus are signs of dehydration. As the neurons in the brain struggle to fire due to dehydration, your mind may drift, making it extremely difficult to focus. Keep an eye out for individuals who struggle to keep a train of thought. They might be dangerously dehydrated.

Dizziness and Lightheadedness

Dizziness and lightheadedness can precede passing out, and may also be a sign that a person is severely dehydrated. Be mindful if a person can’t stay balanced while upright; they may need water.

Sunken Eyes

When dehydrated, a person’s eyes will sink into their skull. In addition, the surrounding skin will be red or purple.

Dry Eyes

The eyes should be able to naturally produce tears. If your eyes are extremely dry and you can’t produce tears to bring moisture back to the surface, you may be dehydrated.

Dry Mouth

Your mouth, like your eyes, should be able to produce moisture. If you can’t produce saliva, dehydration may be to blame.

Dark Urine or No Urine

Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing your body of waste and toxins. Without sufficient water, you may not urinate, or your urine may become dark yellow or brown.

Dry, Unresponsive Skin

If your skin is dried out and non-resilient, it may be due to dehydration.

Can’t Consume Fluids

If you can’t consume fluids, it can be a major issue. In this instance, you aren’t just dehydrated, it’s impossible to rehydrate since your body rejects fluids. Call 911 to seek immediate medical attention; you may have to use an IV to regain your health.

Don’t let dehydration harm you or those around you. Be mindful of the signs of dehydration, and be sure to hydrate every day! Count on the water tracking Hydr-8 bottle to ensure that you hit your daily hydration goals. Stay healthy, and stay hydrated!