5 Reasons NOT to Buy Disposable Water Bottles

Don't waste. Use Hydr-8 water tracking bottles!5 reasons why NOT to purchase bottled water:
1. Bottled water is not any healthier or cleaner than tap water, although the industry may claim otherwise.
2. One plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose; therefore, loading up our landfills for years at a time (Greeniac24).
3. Expensive and costly compared to drinking tap water or filtered water from a reusable Hydr-8 water tracking bottle.
4. The production of each plastic bottle uses energy, omits toxins into the air, and uses more water to produce than actually put into the bottle for drinking.
5. Disposable Plastic bottles contain a harmful substance called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, which is dangerous to human health. In 2004, 85 percent of these bottles ended up in landfills or as litter. That’s 24 billion empty water bottles—66 million EVERY DAY—for ONE YEAR!
5 Benefits of using a reusable Hydr-8 water tracking bottle:
1. Better for our environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels and toxins released into the air during production.
2. Durable, stylish, and can help you decrease your carbon footprint.
3. Tap water is more cost-efficient. Bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water.
4. Better for your health and the health of your family because Hydr-8 water tracking bottles are BPA-free, lead-free reusable bottles.
5. Convenient. Most public facilities have water fountains to fill up your water bottle.
The decision is a no-brainer. The better choice is to have a reusable Hydr-8 water tracking bottle, yet millions of disposable bottles of water are purchased every day. We all have the choice to make a change for the environment, the economy, and our personal health. Change your life. Drink to your Health!