9 Great Reasons To Drink Water

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If you’re looking for reasons to drink more water, there are a litany of benefits to hydration:

1. Weight Loss – Water has no calories, no fat, no carbs, no sugar
2. Heart Healthy – Water can lower your risk of heart attack by up to 41%
3. Energy – Being Dehydrated can zap your energy and make you feel tired
4. To Cure Headaches – Headaches can be caused by dilated blood vessels in your head. Your body naturally dilates those blood vessels when you are dehydrated.
5. Healthy Skin – Water helps to flush out toxins, clear out your skin, and give you a healthy glow.
6. Better Exercise – Being dehydrated can severely decrease your exercise performance
7. Digestive Problems – water can help promote digestive motility and help clear up acid problems.
8. Cancer Risk – Water can help reduce your risk of colon cancer as well as bladder cancer.
9. Cleansing – Water helps your body to flush out toxins and waste.

Remember, we’re supposed to get 8 cups of water per day as adults. That’s why Hydr-8’s measured water bottles are ideal for aiding you get hydrated every day. Count on our 32 ounce measured water bottles to track your daily water intake.